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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “armsagainstwar”

"I will wear a white piece of fabric around my arm but only if 1 other person will do the same."

— Tina Louise, showing unity

- Dylid arwyddo cyn: 18 Mawrth 2006
arwyddwyd gan 35 person (34 dros y targed)

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I pledge to wear a piece of white fabric around my arm until the war in Iraq ends. I pledge to do this because I want to show how many of us object to this war - regardless of race, religion, location, political belief or membership of the many anti-war/peace groups. I want to show unity with every person who opposes this war - and to show it to the media and governments of the world. Please join me.

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  • Hey Tina, Great idea. My hat is off to you for stepping up and making this effort. Good Luck & Blessings To You.

  • Excellent idea! Am passing it on ...
  • Wearing the arm band is such a simple positive action. This is what makes it so powerful. Bless all of you.
  • Ok, my husband just spent 1 year in Iraq on the front line, so I have the right to talk. If we stop this war before it's over then we are leaving the job unfinished and will end up back over there AGAIN doing the same thing. Or we could finish this now, and not have to worry about it later. Have you all forgotten 9/11, have you thought lately about what was going through new mothers, soon to be fathers, and childrens heads as they looked out their office window to see a plane flying directly at them? The child by the window on the plane? They can't just come over here and hurt us and get away with it, if we quit that is what we are letting them do! But yea, when if and your family are ever involved in a terrorist attack, you may wish then that the war would have continued untill our job was over.

    Jamie, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Given that there is no evidence of involvement by Iraq concerning 9/11 one has to consider adding brainwashing to the list of atrocities being performed to execute this war. The whitehouse has promised to release evidence in the past, but nothing shown yet. If the pledger named Jamie has such verifiable evidence then please share it with the world.
  • Forgot to make mention of the Thanks so much to all here for signing - I appreciate the support and unity we have together. Namaste Tina Louise
  • The war is a death machine. The sooner we stop it the more lives will be spared. Simple
    Sally Connors, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • War is a crime - self defence is a right
    John Howard is a War Criminal
    End this obscenity now!
  • The 100th Soldier…

    Rounded numbers
    Rounded lives
    The 100th soldier
    From the UK dies

    Tears of grief
    Tears of shock
    The 100th soldier
    Another loss

    Mourning on
    Mourning off
    The 100th soldier
    We count the cost

    Of wars fought
    In our name
    Of loss loss
    With no gain
    Of cost cost
    To our shame

    The 100th soldier
    The 1st
    The 25th the 3rd
    The numbered souls
    On lists and roles
    Names no longer called
    This memoriam
    The final
    For them
    They drew their last breath

    Final thought…
    Noble cause?
  • hi tina. you sweetlady think of iraq and people at war .GOD IS IN YOU and you make teer in my eye.but sweet lady we not in war we in liberatian.can you think of hitler in british gave up many life to liberation of frenchman you do not even like do it for you are good peopel and you stand up for peopel who are hurt and boy did saddam hurt us for 30 years nobody care.much is told of wepons of mass destructons saddams PEN WAS WEPON OF MASS DESTRUCTONS....HE SINED MILIONS OF LIFE AWAY WITH PEN.plese good lady GOD is in you so help us to be proud liberated democrati free peopel.. God is in everyone even toni blair.from KAMIL. now a free man with a vote..thank you for email edmund.
    EDMUND, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
    you stop our peopel going to grave
    you stop the tortur hurt and pain
    to help us stand as men again
    to give us freedum you have died
    i wish i stand there by your side
    you have given for another
    and GOD he know we are all brother
    so love ones hold your head up high
    for honor did your soldier die
    EDMUND, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Kamil,
    thank you for taking the time to respond with your view. Also for the poem - well written in a language that is second for you. I see your points, but, the reasons for objecting to the war in Iraq are individual to each of us. Some of us object because the cash funding the war leaves our hospitals and schools underfunded - some, because morally they don't want their taxes paying for weapons - others because they don't feel the war was legally entered into and so on.

    That you got rid of a dictator is good - but this is something for the Iraqi people. Your government issues are yours - the US/UK are not the international police for this sort of thing. Problems with the way our governments operate are up to the citizens to resolve ... and that is exactly what I am trying to do with this. I want my government to know I don't want to be responsible for the death of anyone - soldiers, civilians, dicators, terrorists (hard to define) etc.

    I wish you peace.
    teddys still in there hand
    mother and father swisted and stil
    burried deep in the sand.
    this is what hapen for last 30 years
    england help Saddam in the past
    maybe you scared this man go to far
    you came and help us at last
    But now the dust nerly settel
    we vote as free people and proud
    we hold our head high as IRAQIs shood
    but we dont shout your praises aloud.
    Tina louise this is one world
    we must look after each other .we must understand some peopel want more than others and are willing to kill inosent men woman and children to get there own way.thank GOD ,the brave british soldier and the americans,australiens and the rest who helped to stop hitler getting to england or you may not be here now.
    EDMUND, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • We've done enough anarchy - here in the UK, in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Guantanamo Bay, and in all the other hotspots of this war of error.

    Time for troops and hunger-strikers to come home.

    Time for us to heal our land and each other. And say thank you to the troops when they get back home. It has not been easy for them. They follow their commanders. Sometimes lions can be led by donkeys.

    It is also time to say peace and blessings to those British citizens (and I say citizens, not 'residents') who have been falsely imprisoned without legal rights.

    We need to clean up the mess that we're in.

    Time for white armbands, white suits, and white flags.

    Time for peace.

    No war with Iran 2006.

    It is time for SOLIDARITY IN THE UK.
    Matthew Cuffe, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Neither I nor any relative or anyone I know has ever served in the illegal occupying forces in Iraq. We have not been involved in any killing of innocent civilians (aka collateral damage), so I have the right to talk. IMO I have a much greater right to talk than individuals who have blood on their hands (can not make the claim I start with).

    IMO, the most effective solution to the problems in Iraq going forward would be for the current occupiers to leave in an orderly manner handing over power to UN troops from muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan.

    A huge immediate effect and saving of life could be also made immediately by two indivduals doing something which would cost them mostly pride but possibly their jobs. If Mr Bush and his poodle aka Mr Blair were to admit that their invasion of Iraq was a mistake and that a solution similar to the one outlined above would be sought, I believe that a huge number of lives would be saved.

    Whilst I respect the right of others to believe they can create a world free of terror, I suggest to them the only effective method would be to take a portion of the underpopulated USA (where most of these folk seem to come from) and build a big wall round it restricting all traffic in and out. I would support such an initiative and would also feel more comfortable living in the rest of the world which would thus be deprived of this group.
  • I think you have described a scene as commonly enacted by the occupying forces as you would have with the previous leaders in Iraq - neither is the correct way to treat humans. However, sinply replacing one oppressor with another even more powerful one is not the answer and certainly not an answer I want to be part of and fund through my taxes.

    Sadam was no doubt bad and should have been replaced by a government the people of Iraq would approve of - not torn down and replaced with corporate interests that serve other countries as a natural priority before concerning themselves with the citizens of Iraq....and again I have to stress the question, why are we there if there are no WMD's as an excuse?

    We did not go with the wish to save the Iraqi people from a tyranical leader - this is not our place or our stated mission. If we plan on policing the world for tyrants and saving innocent foreign folk from a life starved of Western style dymocracy - then maybe Africa would be a better place to serve? It is clear to any thinking person that our motives were a lie and our reasons for staying - self serving. Until I hear somebody voicing the people of Iraq, I will find it hard to recognise a true government there. But that is for the Iraqi people to deal with - that they are rid of a bad leader is a good thing, now THEY must come to decisions on the next step - not us. Namaste
  • God save you and forgive you for just thinking of your taxes and not your fellow human who are suffering.
    Tina louise I jump into burning car to save peopel I did not know who they were.the police say what you do that for that was brave .I say not brave they would do the same for me.TINA THIS IS ONE WORLD WE MUST LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER.We all have hard fight against cancer and aids and natural killer deseases. we should not be killing ourselves as well.and if someone is we should all help to stop this happening.
    EDMUND, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Oh please Kamil/ know full well from my words and my actions that the taxes are a minor point that are mentioned only because of their relevance to involving me personally in the death of other human beings. You are provocative and very biased against what I am doing so I believe you would be happier ignoring my pledge? I understand that English is your second language so maybe you just don't 'get' what I am saying and doing. Although, I have read other posts from you on this site and you appear to have a perfect grasp of the language sometimes?

    Clearly we are in agreement that we should not be killing other people and that is what continues to happen daily while the occupying forces stay in Iraq. Namaste
  • I think Kamil is a spoof. Anyone can use a spell checker, and his spelling seems to vary between competent and sub-toddler. Also don't forget that "Kamil" represents a minority of opinion in Iraq, where most people want the occupiers out. Incidentally, "Kamil", Saddam didn't gas millions of people, most estimates put the figure at around 300,000, a number that we are heading towards ourselves. Strange that you should not know this.
    Sim1, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Thank you for the support and back-up Sim....much appreciated :)
    Namaste, Tina
  • Tina louise you
    Thanking sim...only 300,000 only 300,000 ...what if they were only 300,000 english peopel fred from butcher.bert from groucer tom the teacher gased .die slowly
    1 is to many sim...but read iran figures millions..
    if you have sim on your side you lost person..
    EDMUND, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • I find you exceptionally odd and somewhat worrying Kamil/Edmund and am relieved to note that this is your last post on my Pledge - I wish you clarity. Namaste, Tina
  • Sorry Kamil I don't get it, is it only bad when Saddam kills Iraqis and not when the Americans do it? I'm confused, and you seem to be too.
    Sim1, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
    EDMUND, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Why did Iraqis only join the human race when America invaded? That seems an odd way to talk about your own people, are you sure you're really an Iraqi?
    Sim1, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • We were nothing until liberation.
    we were treated like dog.
    How can you say we were treated like human under saddam.
    taken in the night,hung like dog.beaten on feet till bleed.made to run on sharp stone till all skin gone.
    many many die ...but why I tell you
    you have no feeling I can tell .you sound like secret police.only 3,oo,ooo
    you say sim with no feeling when even iran who keep figur down say 1 million
    killed in action.Kamil...
    EDMUND, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Yes Kamil, all war is a tragedy, which is why I find it strange that you get so angry at the idea of someone wearing an armband against war. You must also be the only Iraqi who hasn't seen the photos from Abu Grahib, where a similar number of people are now being held and tortured by the Americans, as were in Saddam's time. Incidentally I didn't say that Iraqi's were treated like uman beings in Saddam's time, I said that they were human beings in response to your comment that Iraqi's had joined the human race when the Americans arrived.

    I'm afriad your anger seems very misplaced, you seem more angry at the peace movement than at actual human rights abuses by the USA and UK, and you keep posting under someone elses name. Your level of English seems to vary wildly too and I'm sorry to say that I'm highly suspicious of your motivation (or should that be Edmund's motivation).
    Sim1, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • Thanks again Sim1 for pointing out the tone, error and oddness of Kamil/Edmund's posts - I have decided to avoid responding to the poster as there is no further point in reasoning with a person/persons who are obviously deceptive.

    The poster is elsewhere on this site with other comments in other tones and again with varying ability in English - so it is clear to me that the opinions of he/she/they are not something he/she/they are presenting honestly. If this person were genuine I would be happy to enter into dialogue as that would be healthy - this isn't.

    Thanks again. Was anyone here at the march in London on Saturday? It was an incredible event - not well covered by media - but the solidarity, dignity and intent were palpable. We gave out many white armbands on the day and encouraged those who took them, to pass the message on. Some fellow protesters in the US also wore the armbands.

    The official police figure for the London march was 15,000 - the organisers said 100,000. I checked and the capacity figure for Trafalgar Square is 80,000 - and as it was packed to capacity with no room to move, I am inclined to believe the organiser's figure.

    Tina Louise
  • Thanks Tina, yes I realise that I'm probably banging against a brick wall, I'll stop now because you're right, there seems little point in continuing such a discussion. Unfortunatley I didn't make the march (the first one I have missed) as I have been quite ill for the last week, unusually for me. However I've been keeping up the good fight with protests against my local arms manufacturer EDO MBM. That campaign is going really well.

    I think the white armband idea is great btw! All the best.
    Sim1, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
  • I am disgusted with the intellectual dishonesty that some use to legitimize the Iraq (Police Action) war.

    I am extremely angery, that because I found this atrocity wrong, that this made me as not supporting my grandchildren (2) and other family member (1) who served in Iraq. I KNOW that OUR CHILDREN in Iraq were doing their best, it was people like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Condolesa Rice and the rest of the PNAC-Org who control our government that were endangering the entire world.

    Example of the dishonesty was Condolesa Rice stating "We do not torture," meaning the "Rendition" that this sick person calls torture gives legitimacy to her lies.

    I am tired of people like Cheney and Rumsfeld who set up Saddam with WMD, then had the guts to demonize Iraq for having WMD. I am aware how these vile people were involved in 1980's in removing Iraq from US 'Terrorist Supporting Nation' listing, that had before prevented sale of WMD to Iraq. Removing Iraq from the embargo began the (legal) sale of WMD to Iraq/Saddam... remember Rumsfeld 1982 shaking Saddams hand in agreement?

    I am against US-gov KUBARK torture manuals that Pentagon Defense Dept Head Richard Cheney was made aware of in 1991, this thanks to School of the Americas Watch (, who proved the Pentagon was using a torture training manual to train So.American military and paramilitary.

    I am against Halliburton and their subsiduaries hiring 3rd World labor to work in Iraq, vastly overcharging US-taxpayers to pay these people (at a much lower scale in pay), allowing the US gov to keep the vast majority of Iraq citizens unemployed.
    DeWayne, 15 years ago Yn faleisus? Rhowch wybod!
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